Bungee Surfing: First in Norway, Telemark Surfing in downtown Notodden!

On June 23 2024, Notodden Experiences and Leland Surf Expeditions launched the popular water sport Bungee Surfing, in the Tinn River by the Heddal Lake (Heddalsvannet) in Notodden. You might try as well, if you pass our Level 1 (SUP) & Level 2 (electric surf board).

In Switzerland, like in Zürich and Luzern, bungee surfing has become popular: And now the acitivity has arrived in Norway. In cooperation with Notodden Experiences (Notodden Opplevelser) Nic Smith and Lucas Berget (Leland Surf Expeditions) demonstrated how to surf full speed up the Tinn River. They’re using a bungee rope especially designed in Switzerland for the Notodden Foot Bridge by the new Skate Ring/TRE sculpture down by the Heddal Lake.

Check out the pictures and videoes: If you qualify (by passing our Level 1 & Level 2 tests), you might try our Level 3 (bungee surfing) as well (Level 4 is surfing in the Heddal River (Heddøla). Check out your possibilities here: https://notodden-opplevelser-as.sumupstore.com/produkter

Questions? E-mail us at kontakt@notoddenopplevelser.no or sms +47 91695196

Check out this video: