Video testimony: The magic of sailing to the Sem Islands in an electric boat!

Just across the Heddal Lake (Heddalsvannet), from Nesøya/Notodden, is the magical nature reserve Sem Islands (Semsøyene). Tellingly, one of the islands has the official name Crete (Kreta)! No wonder, as the sandy beaches in this nature reserve (as defined by the Norwegian state) are as close as you can get to this Greek Islands (at least in this part of the world).

Check out this video testimony from one happy mom, who this summer brought her husband and kids out to the Sem Islands in the electric boat (Kicker, outboard el motor) rented from Notodden Experiences/Opplevelser. Her eldest son went out with a kayak (which we of course also have):

Want to see how it is to be out in an electric boat on the great Heddal Lake, in the middle of the Telemark Fjord? Here goes:

And how does it look at the Sem Islands?

Want to try? Book your Sem Islands trip here: